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How can you make of so many products? the current praise hold?

Much of the information provision is Automated. We have a team that works hard to develop automatic processes to retrieve offers and product information. This way you as a consumer have the most relevant information about products, offers, reviews and prices.


Do you sell products?

helps you to find the best products at the lowest price. These are the (online) stores to which we links that sell the products.

How are prices updated?

Most prizes are at least three times automatically updated per day. For many webshops, the prices are updated more often than that. However, Actuele-Aanbiedingen.nl does not guarantee that the prices are correct. It is therefore it is important that you check the price on the website of the (online) store before you check a purchase to make sure the price is right. In more than 99% of cases, however, match the price.